In the Bible it says "The Truth Will Set You Free", so for the third time on our website we must once again share but another true story with you and that is the story of the only effective way to remove mold.

In recent years a very prominent health concern has surfaced because of the much higher level of awareness for a very harmful contaminant found in homes called Mold.  Green and black mold most commonly found and recognized on sheetrock finished wall surfaces typically in below ground basements and their molecular airborne counterparts are extremely harmful and dangerous to our respiratory systems. Various lung infections, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, colds & flu have affected too many people, especially children, in epidemic proportions. Mold is incubated or starts when moisture and trapped humidity enter in cool dark damp areas of the home most commonly found in below ground basements with groundwater intrusion, (leakage). As this mold develops and grows, the live more harmful molecular mold becomes airborne and although invisible such airborne mold is significantly more harmful than the more visible obvious black/green/and white mold that has deposited itself on the walls quite visibly.

Out of this phenomenon has risen the mold remediation business. Most of these so-called mold specialists or self proclaimed, “Mold Doctors” claim that this harmful mold can be cleaned and removed with chemicals. These fraudulent companies will actually come into your homes with Tyvek painters suits, respiratory masks, cap and gown get-ups and wash the visible wall molded areas with glorified, (label changed), Clorox bleach, Lysol and other strong scented disinfectants. Mold removal is not a condition to be regarded as or considered as an ongoing weekly or monthly maintenance issue. It is not like general housecleaning or rodent/insect extermination. You must rid the home of any and all mold immediately and forever!!  Any chemical surface wash or painted/rolled on application, or airborne spray is only an ineffective temporary procedure that will only dissipate, dissolve and disappear in a few short days.

The scientific fact of physics in mold removal requires or demands that all household trapped air must be expelled, removed, and exchanged for new fresh clean air.  Similar to a blood transfusion the infected highly polluted air found in almost all homes must experience total air exchange with outside fresh air from 5 to 10 times a day.  Due to wind, rain, and constant airflow movement the air outside our homes regardless of where we live will always be much cleaner and at least mold free. The air quality in all homes is trapped moisture and humidity worsened by, HVAC, heating and air conditioning often sharing ductwork infested by accumulated filthy trapped dirt & dust deposited on such ductwork walls. Basement groundwater intrusion-leakage will further incubate and magnify the growth of mold creating a very polluted air, “Sick-Home Syndrome”.

At B.Altmans Waterproofing and Mold Removal we understand the only scientific effective approach to mold remediation and ultimate removal  to achieve excellent healthy home air quality requires a four-step approach;

Repair and stop all water leak-intrusion as explained in our waterproofing section/page.

Demo and removal of all affected wall material and/or flooring where visible mold has surfaced and deposited.

Most importantly the installation of a whole house E-Z Breathe Air Ventilation air exchanger with built-in humidistat control, motorized exhaust system designed to remove all existing and future airborne molecular mold forever, permanently!!

If and when necessary as a final step, as merely overkill, we will surface wash and spray a proprietary industrial strength virusied disinfectant as used by infectious disease professionals in hospital environments.

If the E-Z Breathe system where to run at full capacity, 24/7, it would only cost up to  $4.00  a month to operate.  It is installed in the lowest level or basement and exhaust vented over the house foundation very similar to that of a clothes dryer vent. See E-Z Breathe Ventilation System brochure under our mold removal page.

Dehumidifiers and air filters are far more expensive to operate on our  electric utility bills and only re-circulate the same polluted air removing nothing more than excessive water and dust. These useless appliances have absolutely no effect on mold, instead they only increase harmful moisture through their rear exhaust vented in the same infected area. They merely perform as revolving doors for the same trapped polluted house air!

At this point once an E-Z Breathe Air Exchanger Ventilation System becomes an integral fixturein this newly established healthy air quality house environment, the homeowner can now effectively clean and disinfect all services using normal housekeeping cleaning products andprocedures. Just simply consider the logic. We already employ or use several air exhaust systems in our homes already.



    1. House attic roof vent exhaust fan for excessive rising hot air.

    2. Bathroom exhaust fan for steam and waste odors.

    3. Range hood exhaust fan over our ovens for cooking gases and odors.

    4. Clothes dryer vent exhaust for steam-vapor and lint.

    5. Cool damp polluted mildew/molded air is weighted and drops to the lowest point or basement in every home. This constant condition and its mold producing harmful effects will soon force a national building code compliance to own and install air ventilation exhaust exchangers in the lowest floor or basements everywhere. After extensive research and discovery we have absolutely identified and confirmed that the E-Z Breathe Air Ventilation Exchanger is the most effective and most affordable system on the market. We are also very satisfied user/customers of the system ourselves!


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